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About Us

Our Story

We believe in natural beauty that is clean, non-toxic and highly effective. We are dedicated to create products to make you feel comfortable in your own skin, knowing that they are %100 naturally derived, safe and respectful to the nature and animals while delivering real results to your skin and spreading “good vibes”.

Founded by Serra Göney (Product Designer) and her mother Ufuk Göney (Chemical Engineer) in 2012 in Ayvalik, a region known as the olive oil capital of Turkey, however, the story started before that, in 1997 when the family’s love for nature took a step further than planting trees in their home garden (the house could not be spotted from the variety of trees surrounded it)  to planting more than 4000 olive saplings in a garden, as we call it  Misbahçe today.

Hand-crafted in Ayvalik

Each one of our product is handmade in our atelier, crafting the freshest herbals and olive oil from our garden with high-tech “active” ingredients to innovate, bringing a final product that we are proud of. Our formulas are fortified everyday, we never stop to research, test and innovate. Bringing ancient soap making techniques back with authenticity and craftsmanship, we craft soaps using an old-fashioned hot processing technique, which enables the soaps to be chemical free, making them more sensitive skin friendly. What sets them apart is the unique way of production, high qualitynatural ingredients and easy, healthy packaging that evokes positive emotions.

Naturally Derived

Our products are to help your skin to fix itself with 100% naturally derived ingredients. We don’t believe in fillers or synthetic ingredients, instead we work with natural bio-actives to deliver real results for a longer-term solution.We only use 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils, food-grade cold-pressed plant oils, steam distilled hydrosols without the essential oil taken from and clinically proven bio-actives. We source organic and locally as much as we can.  

Our Philosophy

We are dedicated to %100 transparency and natural products that work; meaning we only use safe naturally derived ingredients with clinically proven results and we hide nothing from our customers, talking about our formulations, sharing which ingredients we use, how we produce them etc. We are lucky to produce everything inhouse in our atelier in Ayvalik, this way we know exactly what we put in our formulas. And we are proud of it!

Our Ethics

Sustainability is at the heart of every decision we make. We try to source materials locally as much as we can, use solar energy at some areas in our production. We use either recyclable or recycled materials for our products, using only glass bottles and paper wraps.

Charity is a part of our business. We support several charities as we try to make an impact as much as we can. Our charity campaigns differ from supporting women who fight against cancer (Kanser Savaşçıları) to health workers who are working to treat Covid-19 patients (Balikesir Atatürk Şehir Hastanesi).   

There is a Tiger in Misbahçe!

In Turkish, it means; There is a Tiger in ‘Fine Garden’.

But why is she here?

Misbahçe is a peaceful place in Ayvalik where olive trees have grown for very long time. From this trees, rich and delicious olive oil is extracted. The family that owns Misbahçe had wanted to make a difference in the market with using the finest olive oil in cosmetics products in various ways. Attracted by the smell, a wild and fierce soul found her home here, in the middle of the trees. Her presence inspire us to think big.

We wanted to make active skincare so we collected the best and finest natural ingredients all around the world to create efficient natural skincare that takes care of us and also the world that surrounds us.

The Tiger is here, in our mind, as a symbol of strength and fierceness to guide our vision of beauty. As a symbol of respect to protect what is rare and valuable. As a respect of femininity we are a brand lead by women for women.